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The Sacrilegious Designs adventure

After devoting more than a quarter of a century to mastering the violin, my childhood dream became irresistible. Sacrilegious Designs, was not just about playing music, but also about giving birth to instruments that would be both an extension of the musician and a physical manifestation of their soul and passion.

My aspiration? Creating unique electric instruments that stand out as much for their sound as for their appearance.

The world of music is vast, offering an almost infinite palette of sounds, melodies and rhythms. However, if we look at the area of instruments, particularly those of the quartet, we notice a glaring lack of individuality. Of course, there are variations in terms of design, shapes, colors, number of strings or sound systems. But how many times have we seen a violin or cello that seemed to be a carbon copy of another, with no real distinction or customization? In any case, it is extremely rare to find an instrument that truly bears the imprint of its owner, where every detail, every curve, every color tells a story specific to the artist who owns it.

It is in this gap that Sacrilegious Designs found its raison d’être. My vision goes far beyond just making instruments. I wish to establish a deep and meaningful collaboration between artist and luthier, a relationship where the desires, aspirations and dreams of the musician are accurately translated into the instrument that will ultimately be created.

Sacrilegious Designs violon électriques et main tatoué

Sacrilegious Designs

sacrilegious designs trois violon électriques sur établi avec bras tatoué

Total customization unique in the world down to the smallest detail according to your wildest dreams. Everything is possible !

Sacrilegious Designs

Sacrilegious Designs tête violon électrique Cobra
le Cobra - tête

Un savoir faire unique, pour des instruments uniques, entre tradition et modernité, finesse de fabrication et technologie avancée.

Sacrilegious Designs Storytelling

electric violin custom bridge

A storytelling and a theme sought for a creation of excellence, reflecting your history, your personality, your desires…

Sacrilegious Designs

Sacrilegious Designs benjamin midejean créateur de Sacrilegious Designs

An exceptional contact between the artist and the creator.

Sacrilegious Designs benjamin midejean dans atelier sacrilegious designs
benjamin midejean dans atelier sacrilegious designs

The world of sacrilegious designs, 

where every note played, every chord strummed, every melody produced emanates from an instrument that was designed and shaped exclusively for the musician who holds it in their hands.

In this universe idealized by Sacrilegious Designs, each vibration produced by the strings, each resonance of the wood, each quiver of the instrument is not the result of mass production, but the reflection of a unique identity. Each instrument has its own soul, sculpted and shaped according to the desires and vision of the artist.

I firmly believe that music is a most intimate and personal form of expression. So why should the instrument that serves as a vector for this expression be standardized and devoid of personality? At Sacrilegious Designs, I break these chains of conformity to offer musicians everywhere instruments that are not just tools, but extensions of themselves, faithful companions that will take their music and their passion to new horizons .

In conclusion, after more than 25 years of exploring the depths of music as a violinist, my childhood dream led me to a new adventure: transforming the way artists see and feel their instruments, and consequently , their music.

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