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The Creation of Custom Electric Musical Instruments

🎶The electric musical instrument, far from being a simple 'amplified version' of its acoustic counterpart, stands today as a distinct and fascinating entity. The creation of electric musical instruments embodies a revolution in the world of music, a bold reinvention of tradition. At Sacrilegious Designs, each creation is the result of a relentless quest for innovation, a harmonious marriage between classical musical heritage and contemporary technological advances.


Your Custom Electric Bowed Instrument

Generic Options

How many strings, materials, colours, etc... Anything is possible !

violon électrique 5 cordes sacrilegious designs


electric violin, electric viola, electric cello, or others...Choice is yours !


Steampunk, Hawaï, Viking, baroque, fantasy, Manga...Your dream !

violon électrique six cordes sur le theme hawaï bleu avec sculptures florales hibiscus mauves electric instruments


Sculptures, epoxy resin, rhinestones, pyrography, engraving, painting, drawings, LED, etc...Only limit is your imagination !

electric instruments, electric viola details of flower carvings


Pickups, Wiring, Pots, Switchs, etc... Endless possibilities...

création d'instruments de musique sacrilegious designs violon électrique 5 cordes bouddha

At Sacrilegious Designs, I am dedicated to making the instrument of your dreams a melodious and tangible reality!

These instruments are not simple musical tools; they are works of art, unique pieces crafted with meticulous precision and unwavering passion.

Each violin, each viola, each cello that I design is a celebration of individuality, a tribute to the uniqueness of each musician. They are designed to transcend musical genres, to adapt as well to classic melodies as to the frenetic rhythms of electro or metal.


Sacrilegious Designs is much more than just an online store:

electric instrument alto électrique electric viola

It’s a revolution in the world of electric instruments. Each piece we offer is custom designed, reflecting a perfect fusion of artisanal artistry and modern innovation. Our instruments are not simple musical tools, but works of art, with every detail meticulously thought out to represent the unique essence of the musician. SEE the SHOP.

✨Enter the fascinating world of high-end custom electric violin making. Here, each instrument is much more than just a combination of wood, strings and electronics.

It’s a journey. A journey that begins with a simple idea, a dream, an inner melody.

Like a sculptor, I bring this vision to life, shaping, adjusting, testing, until the instrument is capable of reproducing not only the desired notes, but also the emotions, the nuances, the passions of the musician.✨

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