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My Marvelous Universe

The very essence of music lies not only in the talent of the artist playing, but also in the instrument that serves as a conduit for that expression. Each note, each melody, each chord is the result of a perfect symbiosis between the musician and his instrument. In this spirit, I invite you to discover my gallery, a space dedicated to my creations of custom-made electric instruments, true masterpieces of design and craftsmanship.

Each work presented in this gallery of instruments is the reflection of passion, dedication and unparalleled know-how. These are not just woods, strings and electronics, but true works of art crafted with care and love. As a designer of high-end instruments, I understand the importance of an instrument that not only sounds divine, but is also aesthetically stunning. Every image you’ll see in this gallery captures the essence of that commitment.

My creations are much more than just musical instruments; they tell a story. Behind every instrument, there is a dialogue between the musician and the luthier, a quest to capture the unique essence of the artist in the instrument. Whether it is a violin with elegant curves or a cello with a bold design, each piece is designed to meet the specific aspirations, desires and needs of its future owner.

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