Electric Viola Sacrilegious Designs: The Art of Infinite Customization

At Sacrilegious Designs, I know that every musician is unique, and their instrument should be just as unique. It is in this spirit that I designed an electric viola, a piece of art unique in the world, shaped to meet the most precise desires of our customers.

alto électrique electric viola sacrilegious design

Customization Without Limits

Customization is at the heart of my approach. Beyond size and number of strings, every aspect of your viola can be customized. From body shape to pickup selection, inlays and finishes, every detail is designed and crafted to reflect your personality and musical style.

A Unique Electric Viola for a Unique Musician

Your Sacrilegious Designs electric viola will not just be an instrument, but an extension of your artistic being. Every curve, every note played will be an expression of your individuality. By choosing Sacrilegious Designs, you are not just choosing a viola, you are choosing a work of art, a traveling companion on your musical journey.

violon alto électrique electric viola details corp
electric instrument alto électrique electric viola

A Size for Every Artist

The viola, traditionally known for its tonal richness, is reinvented here in an electric version. I offer you a range of sizes, adapted to each musician, from the young prodigy to the established artist. Whether you are comfortable with a standard size viola or are looking for a more specific size, I am here to create the instrument that is perfect for you.

Electric viola sizes:

  1. 16 inches (40 cm): The most common size, this is the standard size for adults.
  2. 15 inches (38 cm): Suitable for young teenagers or small adults.
  3. 17 inches (43 cm): For advanced or professional players looking for a richer, deeper sound.
  4. 18 inches (45 cm): Very rare, used mainly by experienced professional musicians for an even fuller sound.
violon alto électrique electric viola tête feuille oiseau sacrilegious designs
electric instruments, electric viola details of flower carvings

4 or 5 Strings: The Choice of Versatility for your electric viola

Music knows no limits, and your viola shouldn’t either. That’s why I offer 4 and 5 string models. A 4-string viola for those who cherish tradition, and a 5-string model for musical adventurers eager to explore new scales and tones.

Noble Woods for Unrivaled Sound!

Each Sacrilegious Designs electric viola is a symphony of carefully chosen woods. From classic maple and spruce, to exotic and rare woods, each species is selected for its acoustic and aesthetic qualities. These woods are not just the material for your instrument; they are its soul, shaping the timbre and resonance that will make your viola truly unique.

See my creations.

alto électrique electric viola sur table en bois et mirroir

I invite you to discover the world of possibilities offered by my electric violas. Let yourself be seduced by the prospect of owning an instrument that exists nowhere else, a viola designed especially for you, which will reflect your passion and your art.

A Sacrilegious Designs electric viola is not just a choice, it is a statement, a commitment to excellence and uniqueness.

Some examples of famous musicians and their instrument size preferences:

  • William Primrose: Considered one of the greatest violists of the 20th century, Primrose often played smaller violas, which allowed him remarkable agility and expressiveness. He played on an Amati viola at the start of his career, then on a viola Guarneri de 1697, know as  “ex-Primrose” de 41,6 cm.
  • Lionel Tertis: Another renowned violist, Tertis was known for his preference for larger instruments, which contributed to his rich, deep sound. He owned a 1717 Montagnana viola, which he acquired in 1920 and kept until 1937. This instrument had a particularly large size of 17 1/8 inches. Tertis preferred large violas to obtain a particularly rich sound. Realizing that some might find a 17-1/8 inch instrument too large, he created his own Tertis model, which offers many of the sonic benefits of the instrument in a more manageable 16-3/4 inch size.
  • Yuri Bashmet: a famous contemporary violist, is known for playing a 1758 Testore viola, which has a unique size and shape of 40.6 and a relatively short string length of 359mm, contributing to its distinctive timbre.

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