Custom Electric Violins

  • 4 strings
  • 5 strings
  • 6 strings
violon électrique haut de gamme tête proue de drakkar vivking
violon électrique haut de gamme trois violon sacrilegious designs

The High End Electric Violin


✨The violin, an emblematic instrument of classical music, has survived the centuries while preserving its unrivaled shape and sound. However, with the arrival of contemporary music, the electric violin was born, opening up a whole new panorama of sonic possibilities.


✨At Sacrilegious Designs I offer you a limitless formula, we develop detailed specifications, to allow me to create for you the high-end electric violin of your dreams, a high-end and unique electric violin of its kind.



✨We will implement a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also based strictly on classic dimensions. Optimal ergonomics, handling, traditional design, unparalleled sound.

NO Limits

✨Together we will embark on a close collaboration to decide on the electronics best suited to your needs: simple volume potentiometer or a complex selector, integrated preamp or other specific configurations, we will ensure that your instrument truly reflects your playing and your personality .

violon électrique haut de gamme sculpture florale sur violon électrique, instruments de musique
violon électrique 5 cordes sacrilegious designs
violon électrique haut de gamme 4 cordes Cobra
violon électrique haut de gamme tête six cordes

Very High End Materials !

The wood of your high-end electric violin, carefully chosen according to your desires from a panel of noble, European or exotic woods, is worked with precision to obtain a perfect sound.

At Sacrilegious Designs, I combine traditional and modern techniques,
offering unique and high-end electric musical instruments combining the best of both worlds!

Each element, body, neck, volute, chin rest, fingerboard, tailpiece is customizable and handcrafted.

Let your imagination run free and let’s create a unique work of art in the world together!