Creation of totally tailor-made electric musical instruments


🎶The electric musical instrument, far from being a simple ‘amplified version‘ of its acoustic counterpart, stands today as a distinct and fascinating entity. He embodies a revolution in the world of music, a bold reinvention of tradition. At Sacrilegious Designs, each creation is the result of a relentless quest for innovation, a harmonious marriage between classical musical heritage and contemporary technological advances.

These instruments are not simple musical tools; they are works of art, unique pieces crafted with meticulous precision and unwavering passion. Each violin, each viola, each cello that I design is a celebration of individuality, a tribute to the uniqueness of each musician. They are designed to transcend musical genres, to adapt as well to classic melodies as to the frenetic rhythms of electro or metal🎶

In my workshop, I strive to capture the very essence of music. I draw inspiration from my past as a classical violinist, combining rigorous technique and artistic sensitivity, to give life to instruments that are not only means of expression, but traveling companions in the musical odyssey of each artist.

The evolution of electric music is a reflection of our society: constantly changing, always looking for new ways to express ourselves. At Sacrilegious Designs, each instrument is a response to this call, a window open to a world where tradition and modernity coexist in perfect harmony. It is an invitation to explore new musical horizons, to push the boundaries of creativity and to redefine what it means to be a musician in the modern era.

In short, the instruments that I create are not simple objects; they are the beating heart of a musical revolution, the symbol of an era that dares to break conventions to write its own musical history.

electric instruments, maker at his workbench
Sacrilegious designs working on an electric violin
electric instrument alto électrique
Il Giardino - alto électrique par Sacrilegious Designs
Sacrilegious designs working on an electric violin

Process of creating high-end ELECTRIC instruments

Instrument Type: electric violin, viola, cello, guitar, bass 😊

A predefined Theme: the one of your dreams😊

The General Design, number of strings, materials, colors, etc…

The electronics of course: the type of microphones, the cabling, the extras…

Decoration: Epoxy resin, rhinestones, pyrography, engraving, painting, drawings, LED, etc…

At Sacrilegious Designs, we are dedicated to making the instrument of your dreams a melodious and tangible reality

Are you dreaming of a unique musical instrument, designed especially for you? At Sacrilegious Designs, we turn your boldest visions into reality. Start creating personalized musical instruments with a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs. For just 50 euros, I provide you with a preliminary drawing, capturing the essence of your ideal instrument. This symbolic amount is the first step towards making your dream come true.

Once you have approved the drawing and quote, a deposit of 20% of the total price (non-refundable) will be required to officially launch the project.

Contact me to transform your most daring ideas into a unique musical instrument, a true work of art designed with passion and precision.



electric instruments, details of flower carvings
Il Giardino - détails

The classicism of the floral sculpture integrated into the future electric viola.

Sacrilegious Designs is much more than just an online store:

 It is a revolution in the world of electric instruments. Each piece we offer is custom designed, reflecting a perfect fusion of artisanal artistry and modern innovation. Our instruments are not simple musical tools, but works of art, with every detail meticulously thought out to represent the unique essence of the musician See the Shop.

✨Enter the fascinating world of high-end custom electric violin making. Here, each instrument is much more than just a combination of wood, strings and electronics.

It’s a journey. A journey that begins with a simple idea, a dream, an inner melody.

Like a sculptor, I bring this vision to life, shaping, adjusting, testing, until the instrument is capable of reproducing not only the desired notes, but also the emotions, the nuances, the passions of the musician.✨


✨ I am dedicated to handcrafting one-of-a-kind microphones tailored specifically for your electric instrument, offering a sound profile that is both distinct and unmatched in its versatility.

In collaboration, we will make informed choices about the electronic components that best suit your playing style and unique personality. This will include considerations such as the volume potentiometer, pickup selector, integrated preamp, and more.

Our commitment is to deliver a customized microphone system that harmonizes seamlessly with your instrument, enhancing its sonic capabilities while ensuring your comfort and artistic expression. Your music deserves a sound that is as exceptional as your talent, and our precision-crafted microphones are designed to achieve just that.

With our collective expertise and attention to detail, we will embark on a journey to transform your electric violin into a true masterpiece of both art and acoustics. Your musical aspirations will be met with a personalized touch that guarantees a sound experience that is unparalleled and uniquely yours.✨

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